Your home foundation is the first thing that is laid down during construction. It bears the weight of your walls, roof and ceilings. Learn about the different Knoxville Foundation Repair Services, we offer.

We offer services in these areas too– Crossville, Johnson City, Morristown and Powell.

Knoxville Foundation Repair Services

Are any of your family members coughing, wheezing or complaining of headaches? When was your house built? Some of the materials used in old Tennessee homes were sub-standard. You might find soggy newspapers or insulation in your walls. We, at Tennessee Foundation Repair Specialists, have a variety of ways to fix your basement, foundation and floor spaces. The foundation of our business is creating a great home foundation for you. Review our Foundation Repair Services to find the perfect one for your budget and circumstances.

Home Foundation Repair

Do you have any stair-step cracks in your brick walls? Are your windows or doors sticking? Any of these problems could be caused by a damaged foundation. Our Tennessee Foundation Repair Solutions include floor structure restoration, concrete slab restoration, wall anchors, piers and jacks.

Basement Waterproofing

Concrete collects condensation and moisture, which could damage your furniture, rugs, carpets, walls and wiring. Our Basement Waterproofing Services can prevent water from seeping through your basement floors.

Crawl Space Repair

When was the last time you were in your crawl space? Moist, damp, rotting, festering crawl spaces are not just disgusting, but could be health hazards too. Ants, cockroaches and rodents are attracted to areas of high-humidity. Over time, this high humidity can warp your wood, rust your metal and create soggy insulation. Your HVAC cannot operate at peak performance when the insulation is rotting. We offer a variety of ways to fix your crawl space, including dehumidification and vapor barrier encapsulation.

Sump Pump Installation

If you keep getting flooded basements, then we can install a sump pump. You can run this 24/7 to protect your property.

Concrete Leveling

Unfortunately, some Tennessee ground might sink, leading to uneven concrete. Uneven concrete can cause trips, slips or falls. We can level your concrete to prevent accidents.