How Much Will It Cost for Foundation Repair in the Knoxville TN area?

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If you need foundation repair always consider the following before choosing a company. This is what you need to know before you choose.

Cost of Foundation Repair

The cost of foundation repair is governed by four factors: 

  1. Number of piers needed 
  2. Type of piers 
  3. Cost of installation
  4. Labor 
What is a foundation pier?

Piling or piering is the technique of driving steel pipe pilings to remedy failing building foundations and to correct foundation settlement. 

Pier Count 

The number of piers needed impacts the cost of foundation repair. But why will different contractors have such widely varying pier counts? 

What dictates pier count is the extent of the fall. Their are very practical guidelines for pier placement. These guidelines were established by a committee of engineers based upon decades of experience.

Sometimes to save cost, a company may skimp on the pier count by placing piers further apart than is recommended. In the long run, there is a high likelihood that the foundation will sag.

Another way a company may cut the cost of foundation repair is by reducing pier count to not specify interior piers when they are required. For example: if a house is down 3 inches on the perimeter, and 2 inches 10 feet from the perimeter, after the lift the house will still be 2 inches down on the inside. This is because reinforced concrete is rather flexible.   

Type of Piers

In terms of total job cost, for a fixed number of piers, the cost of steel is inherently more expensive than the cost of pressed concrete piers. Part of the cost difference is that the steel system foot for foot costs more than pressed concrete pilings.

But there is an even greater factor in the cost equation. Concrete piers are driven to refusal, which is compressed clay, while steel is to driven shale or bedrock.   Which do you want your house supported by?  Clay that already failed, or steel on shale? 

A sneaky installer can achieve concrete pier refusal in the same soil at 4-5 feet and lift the house. The shallow piers will last until the next big rain.

Cost of Installation and Labor

Many installers are sub-contractors. They get paid by the pier and not for hours worked. They really don’t care about your warranty or your property. Their goal is to install as many piers per day as they can and move on to the next job.

Some companies incentivize their employees based upon production. They pay a small hourly rate with the carrot of more money when more piers are installed in a day. Unfortunately, some offer to increase their pay by taking shorcuts such as a short pier drive, or putting in fake looking piers that haven't been driven but a foot or two. 

The quality of the materials and techniques used, and the integrity and experience of the company you use can make a huge difference in your future peace of mind.

So there you have it… what determines the cost of your foundation repair.

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